Oakland Athletics fans have been hearing about plans for a new stadium for many years, but now it appears that those plans are now becoming a reality. Former co-owner Lew Wolff had previously attempted to move the A’s to a new facility more than once. A few of those attempts were met with negative backlash from the fanbase and resulted in a negative image for Wolff, as some of the new locations proposed were not in Oakland.

Oakland’s new ownership should bring confidence to fans. Not only is a new stadium on the horizon but the new stadium will be constructed in Oakland.

When Wolff stepped down as owner in November of 2016, co-owner John Fisher became majority owner and President of Baseball Operations Dave Kaval was brought into the picture soon after and talk of a new stadium was at the forefront of discussions. Kaval affirmed with the press that a new stadium was high on the list of priorities and emphasized his strong preference for the stadium to be constructed in Oakland. A “strong preference” is far from a promise but it is certainly a confident affirmation that should bring comfort to anyone worried about seeing their A’s leave the Bay Area.

While Wolff attempted (more than once) to move the A’s out of Oakland, Kaval was working on the construction of a new soccer stadium just 40 miles south for the San Jose Earthquakes. Not to mention that Kaval had once toured every single major league stadium in one year and wrote the book “The Summer that Saved Baseball” about his experience.

Kaval is both passionate about baseball stadiums and committed to keeping the A’s in Oakland, so there is a lot for fans to look forward to in the next few years. Recently at the Athletics fanfest in January, Kaval announced that construction plans and timelines will be announced this year. The promise of a new ballpark for Oakland fans appears to finally be coming true.


Nick Prutting is a Staff Writer for Outside Pitch MLB covering the Oakland Athletics.

2 Responses

  1. Auggie

    Just a note. Wolff made the Earthquakes stadium happen in San Jose. It was his deal, not Kavals. Kaval was just there to pick the curtains.

    Signed SJ Earthquakes STH.

  2. Drew

    Thanks Nick. One small comment – this isn’t “new” ownership as you stated. Lew moved on as the “face” of the A’s.