The 2017 Boston Red Sox haven’t had the dominant version of Mookie Betts that they’ve seen over the last few years.

After putting up absurd numbers last season, 2017 was expected to be monstrous for the right fielder. Instead, Betts has been great, but nothing compared to the expectations.

Betts has been plagued by long slumps and short hot streaks throughout the entire season. It appears another hot streak is here though – and it doesn’t seem like a short one.

Not long ago, Mookie Betts was mired in a miserable slump. Heading into September 5, his slash line sat at .259/.338/.431 and it had been more than a month since his last home run.

Betts has been hot since then though. The right-handed hitter is 9-for-25 (.360) with two doubles and three home runs, as well as his first triple of the year. He’s driven in nine runs and five more as well, while stealing two bases.

I was actually getting dangerously close to writing about the triple-drought. If he finished the season with none, it would be the first time in his career that Betts did so.

Tuesday was the statement game for the 24-year-old. Betts went 3-for-5 with that triple, as well as two home runs. He drove in six runs and scored two more.

While his slash line still isn’t up to “Mookie Betts” standards, it’s definitely not bad. He’s slashing .264/.344/.450 with 87 RBI and 90 runs scored. Betts has already tied a career-high with 42 doubles to go along with the one triple.

Meanwhile, he has 21 home runs and 24 stolen bases. This is the second straight season in which Betts has at least 20 in each of those two categories. That’s the first time any Red Sox player has ever achieved that feat in back-to-back seasons.

After watching Mookie Betts in the past, it’s easy to be spoiled. Nevertheless, what he’s done this year shouldn’t be overlooked. With a massive hot-streak in the works, that might not be a problem. No opponents going to be too thrilled though.

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