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On paper, the Boston Red Sox have one of the best starting rotations in baseball. That’s due to a dominant trio of Rick Porcello, David Price, and Chris Sale.

After those three, Steven Wright could be an incredible four (showing great promise in 2016). Then there’s Eduardo Rodriguez and Drew Pomeranz battling it out for the final spot. Whoever is awarded the spot will be one of the better fives in baseball, both having incredible upside.

But there’s a major problem with this group. Injuries could creep into the equation, causing a panic. The big three of Porcello, Price, and Sale have all been healthy for the heavy majority of their careers. While that’s fantastic, Pomeranz, Rodriguez, and Wright have not had the same luck.

In fact, Pomeranz and Wright are both heading into Spring Training with injuries hanging over their heads. These injuries will more-than-likely leak into spring games and might even spill into the regular season. Meanwhile, Rodriguez suffered a “minor” knee injury this winter. Yes, John Farrell says he’ll be ready to go, but historically, Rodriguez’s injuries have tended to linger.

Due to all of these injury concerns, it’s extremely important that the Red Sox have some arms in place just in case. While no one wants to ever have to use them, having multiple emergency arms never hurts.

Since the Red Sox have so many lingering injuries, there are a few questions here. First off, who are the emergency arms? Second, who gets the first call, second call, and so on?

First up is a familiar lefty.

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